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8 Ridiculously Easy Tips on How to Declutter Your Kids Wardrobe

Hey there Mama I’m sure that you’re all too familiar with that wash-dry-fold-repeat cycle. It’s never ending, isn’t it? In the past I’d look at my family’s mountain of laundry in utter horror. I don’t think I ever saw the bottom of my laundry basket. At bedtime, I would open my kids overflowing drawers to grab pyjamas only to find tops but not bottoms or the other way around. By this time of the night I was so tired and exhausted, so burnt out. And now to top it off I’d have go hunting for pyjama bottoms. Our clothes used to get me so stressed and overwhelmed. If this sounds familiar to you then I’m sure you will find value in what I have to share.

My minimalism journey started about 7 years ago. I’m mum to two boys aged 8 and 3. Here are eight easy tips on how to de-clutter your kids wardrobe. These tips are packed full of practical and efficient ways of simplifying and decluttering your life. And I promise you that along the way you will save a ton of money too. 

1).   Reduce the number of clothes - I highly recommend that you maintain a minimal wardrobe for your kids. I only keep a weeks worth of clothes for my kids. Depending on the age of your children the number of clothing items you need may change. For example, if you have a new born you will need more outfit changes a day than you would for your typical five-year-old child. I found minimising clothes to have saved us a ton of money.

2).   Capsule Wardrobe - Build a capsule wardrobe for kids, with similar colour palettes so you can interchange tops and bottoms. For my boys, I mostly keep dark coloured bottoms with bright and light tops. Bonus tip is that even your husband will be able to dress them and they would still look cute with nothing miss-matched.

3).   Saying no to hand-me-downs - This is a difficult one.  Whilst this can save money it can also get out of control.  Causing a lot of unnecessary stress with having to sort and store. In all honesty, I’ve probably only used up 1-2% of the hand-me-downs that I’ve received. They either didn’t fit, were too worn out or were not the style of clothing that I liked to dress my kids in. So please know that, it’s ok to politely decline an offer for hand-me-downs.

4).   Saving clothes for another child - My kids are 5 years apart and are of the same gender. So yes, I’ve stored the nicer less worn out clothes worn by my oldest for use by my youngest. But I’m intentional and mindful with what I keep. If the clothes are stained or worn out I’ll donate them then and there. There is no point in storing them for 5 years when I might not even use them again. I store the clothes that I want to keep in clear plastic boxes labelled by age. I do this process at end of each season.

5).   Laundry - Laundry day no longer holds the stress that it used to. These days it’s a more relaxed task. It needs to be done at least once a week without fail otherwise we’ll not have clothes to wear. I sort all our clothes into lights and darks and run two loads. Once dry we fold them straight away and we’re good to go. I’m no longer wishing for a folding fairy to come rescue me.

6).   Folding - Clothes are folded and stored in empty shoe boxes following the KonMari method. If you’re interested I’ll write a whole other blog post about this.

7).   Off-season clothes - I live in Brisbane, Australia, where we’re blessed with warm weather. We only have two distinct seasons. I store away the off-season clothes in boxes. They are separated from current seasons clothes so that my kids are not overwhelmed when they open drawers. You may live in a different climate to that of me. But I’m sure you can separate clothes that are needed every day from those that are seasonal.

8).   Dress up clothes - Yes, just like yours my kids too have Stormtrooper, Ninja Turtle, Fireman Sam, Batman and Incredible Hulk costumes. I store these in an easy to open box in my kids wardrobe. I’m not precious about these at all. My only rule is that they need to be stored back in this box at the end of the day.

I hope you found value in the tips that I’ve shared. These are systems that I’ve implemented in our home. It has saved us a lot money and stress. By no means were these implemented overnight. It took a long while and many years to get to where we’re now. But if you’re thinking of implementing some of these tips then today is the best day to make a start.


  • LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have been on a decluttering journey for 6 months now and these are some fantastic tips for staying on top of it!!

  • Awesome post Sumi! Way to go :)

  • After a couple of big mistakes I ALWAYS say no to handmedowns from friends – with 7 children we have plenty in house!

  • Inspiring blog and for mentioning about Kon Mari method in one of your other posts. You have me hooked! 2019 the year to declutter!!

  • Great tips hete! Can’t wait for a follow up with how you do kon mari!


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